17 January 2010

I’m a member of a Freecycle group where I live. I’ve picked up some pretty useful things from there, like a pair of bucket chairs, some biscuit tins, and a board game that did sterling service at my parents’ house on Boxing Day. It took some DVDs out of the house when I was so irritated by a bloke who used the punchlines from the show as his personal catchphrase that I didn’t even want them in the flat any more, and I’m wondering whether I have the brass neck to put a broken-down TV on there in case anyone might actually repair the after-effects of it spending a year in the kitchen.

This weekend’s mailing was offering a foot-high Lady Diana figurine (with a sparkly clutch bag, choker, bracelet and sapphire ring), and warned ‘Lady Diana is a little dusty as she has been relegated to the attic.’

I suppose that’s a perfectly valid concept of the afterlife. For a Borrower, at least.


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