Vehicle intolerance

2 February 2010

There’s something about intolerance, vehicles and this city. The last time we were in the news for any reason other than a failing football team, it was because of a devout driver who didn’t want to go around in the atheist bus. This winter, it’s the taxis’ turn: a small group of taxi-owners have upset the city council by sticking English flags with the slogan ‘English-Speaking Driver’ in their front windows.

Allegedly it’s because passengers have trouble with some other drivers’ English.  (That hasn’t been my problem. My problem is that the council saw fit to reuse the same few street names in every single district of the city. But your mileage may vary, especially if you’re trying to find Milton Avenue.)

BBC radio had escalated the story to the big boys by the evening. ‘Now obviously.’ said the reporter, ‘the Cross of St George has got nationalistic associations.’

That’s kind of inevitable, y’know, with national flags.


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