Bus stop

4 February 2010

The old man at the bus stop sounded as if he knew something about the Far East, so I moved closer. He was well-dressed in an expensive waxed mac with caped shoulders, but he hadn’t shaved.

And so I found out:

  • That the Seychelles and Mauritius are really the same country
  • That the problem with Australia is that it’s full of Danes, Czechs, Irish and Israelis
  • That the New Zealanders keep back all the best lamb for themselves

Although I could believe the one about the lamb.

He wandered up past the lamp-post and started swaying on the kerb, on the edge of the main road where the coaches and car transporters charge down to the coast. It was more of a relief than usual when the half-hourly bus arrived.


6 Responses to “Bus stop”

  1. kate m Says:

    Haha. Half my family are from the Seychelles, and the other half are Irish, so that’s good information to have.

    The lamb fact on the other hand is completely useless. I’m a vegetarian.

  2. I’m afraid lamb is the single biggest reason why I don’t think I ever could become a vegetarian – although I’d probably best avoid going into (what might be literally) gory details…

    I did have a bit of a google when I got back and found out that the Seychelles and Mauritius did used to be administered as part of the same British colony, although it wouldn’t have been when (even) this man was young…

  3. kate m Says:

    He’d have to be 122.

  4. Well, it’s all something I didn’t expect I was going to learn when I woke up this morning!

  5. Bernita Says:

    Rather sad isn’t it? That he can only find definition by harranging at a bus stop.

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