18 February 2010

Somebody I don’t know emails my mum’s sister-in-law, who emails my mum, who emails my dad because she’s lost my email again.

There’s footage of her dad, my grandfather, ten years after the war in archive newsreel on a history website. He did something extraordinary over there, other people did some extraordinary things for him, and a small mission of mutual thanks had been organised.

He looks like my mum. It would be stranger if he didn’t. The plummy announcer helpfully reads out his name.

He’s the only one of his companions in civilian clothes. The plummy announcer didn’t need to read out that.

The war broke him and even did its best to break his children. I’m inquisitive by nature, but this is one time I’m not sure whether I want to keep asking. What did his squadron do? What did one bomb – they bomb – we bomb – with his kind of plane?


2 Responses to “Newsreel”

  1. Bernita Says:

    When it’s family, the years between condense.

    • They really do… and what happened fifty or howevermany years ago keeps on having an immediate impact on what actually goes on around you today… I suppose that goes for all walks of life, but family is where you really notice it!

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