Hole in the wall 4

4 March 2010

The missing terrace on the shopping parade is famous. An unexploded bomb was underneath it all the time.

It’s not the bomb’s fault that the terrace is missing. The terrace was taken up a month ago. Most of it must have been bombed flat anyway: it’s always looked like snaggleteeth.

Nobody really knows what’s going on, not even (or especially not) Twitter. I walked back home from work, quarter of an hour before they were going to close my side road, so that I could pack an overnight bag in two minutes flat in case we ended up spending the night in someone’s school hall.

The police said they weren’t closing it at all, but I should stand by in case they knocked on the door later. The Royal Engineers’ van drove up as I walked past.

I packed a bag and spent ten minutes trying to find black socks that matched. There are many, many unmatching kinds of black.

Now, police officers could knock at the door at any moment. No doubt when I’m eating supper, drifting off to sleep or on the loo. It’ll be a pain in the neck, but at least it won’t be frightening.

This is what belonging to the most trusted religion, ethnicity, political stratum in a democracy must mean.


7 Responses to “Hole in the wall 4”

  1. Old Kitty Says:

    You are so on BBC local news south thing website!!!


    Have they exploded it? Are you in the school hallway wrapped in your sleeping bag and being offered cups of tea by the WI????!!

    Good grief!

    When I was at uni and we were renting this house, the toilet needing fixing and guess who was on it while the plumber rang?? Worse – guess who forgot to take a bucket of water with them for flushing purposes when Mr Plumber rang??!?!

    But I digress. Hope you are still home safe and sound.

    Take care

  2. Yes I am – even though I tempted fate by cooking something that used up the entire hob 🙂 (I must have been frazzled though, completely forgot to salt the pasta water…)

    Apparently they were planning to take it away (!) and deal with it somewhere else… So I’m either just far enough away not to be in range if something goes wrong, or we just got forgotten about on this side 🙂

  3. Old Kitty Says:


    Thank goodness for that!

    No update on the BBC site… must be the cutbacks starting already!

    Take care

  4. It’s been completely impossible to find out what the arrangements actually are… oh well – I’m still at home and nothing has gone off boom!

  5. AlexJ Says:

    That must be unnerving! So anything happen? Did you have to leave?

  6. No, maybe I live just too far away! Nothing was cordoned off anyway by the time I went out of doors on Friday morning… I guess they took the thing out and dealt with it somewhere else!

  7. Bernita Says:

    Old ordnance is touchy stuff.Glad you didn’t have to evacuate.

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