Hole in the road

12 March 2010

The Gas Board’s taken up one of the side-streets I have to cross on my walk home from work.

Is there still a Gas Board? Probably there’s not. It must be ten different companies now, with market-researched names and logos that look like fussy boiled sweets.

They’ve sheared through the tarmac and made a hole the volume of a couple of mini-buses, end to end. On the near side of the camber there’s brickwork underneath the road surface. Demolished workers’ cottages? A hunting lodge? Or something incredibly mundane to do with civil engineering?

The hole goes at least six feet down, past the exposed pipes. My eye for distance means nothing at all, but I couldn’t stand up in it and look out. That’s about the only thing you really need to know, with holes.

The hole is very deep. The site is very unsupervised. The metal fencing is pretty lightweight. And the pedestrians who use that road at the weekend can be very, very drunk.

And this is how people end up in the Daily Echo.


8 Responses to “Hole in the road”

  1. AlexJ Says:

    Then it will become quite amusing around 2 am in the morning.

  2. Karen Gowen Says:

    Yikes! I hope it’s daylight when you have to maneuver around that thing. This post reminds me of the YA book Holes. Love that book.

  3. Oh, I’ve never read that!

    I’d *almost* be able to hear from where I live if anyone fell down there…

  4. Old Kitty Says:


    You know what gets me too about holes in roads dug up by er… contracted out contractors working for the ulitility companies.. are people thinking it’s a rubbish dump and use it as such!

    Grrrr! 🙂

    p.s. thanks for popping into my blog to see about my cat. I thought I’m all cried out now, but.. anyway, thank you, really and truly
    pps. are you interested in Ars Memoriae? If so my email is domingojenn@aol.com and I’ll post it to you.
    Take care

  5. Unattended holes in the street – when will they learn?

    I remember around 1995, when I lived in New York City, there was this spot near Shea Stadium and Flushing Meadow’s Park (Site of the 1939 World’s Fair) where they opened a giant hole to do some work, which housed the aquifers for the city were kept. The structure to hold it was a like a giant city in itself. Considering what was there and how big that was, it was amazing how easy it would be for anyone to fall into it.

    I should’ve taken a picture.

  6. @ Theresa – I can’t understand why they don’t cover them up when they pack up for the day! (We’ve been digging holes in the road for hundreds if not thousands of years now… surely we could have worked out a safer way to do it!)

    @ Old Kitty – you have mail 🙂

  7. Ann Says:

    An accident waiting to happen.

    Stopped over from Substitute Teacher’s Saga, Theresa Milstein’s blog and I am glad I did.

  8. @ Ann – welcome, and glad you’re enjoying it! *waving at Theresa too*

    @ all – I’m sorry if there’s an entry in the ‘possibly related posts’ called ‘Being Fined for Jaywalking is Gay’. I don’t know what it has to do with this post and I can’t work out how to block it from appearing there 😦

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