Things I do not like

26 March 2010

Slicing the top off a green pepper, slipping my thumb inside to shuck it or hull it or whatever it is you do, and gripping another baby green pepper inside instead of a core of seeds.

I do not like this at all.


12 Responses to “Things I do not like”

  1. AlexJ Says:

    Better than a mouse!

  2. Old Kitty Says:

    Er… at least you get two for the price of one?

    I’m trying to put a positive spin on it..! Ahem.

    Or at least it’s not a picture of Jesus or Mary! You know like someone toasts their bread and voila – picture of Jesus burnt into it – sell it on ebay for squillions of pounds…! Actually, that doesn’t sound so bad now..!


    Take care

  3. kate m Says:

    Hee, pregnant pepper!

  4. I know people sometimes get those eggs with chickens in… that’s approximately the same level of squick πŸ™‚

  5. Karen Gowen Says:

    Strange how that happens. Have you seen other vegetables that do this? I can’t think of any. There’s no baby carrots inside of carrots. Or tiny tomatoes inside other tomatoes. Or a potato inside a potato.

  6. Ann Says:

    unlike you I quite delight in the baby pepper. It makes me smile. A little surpirse.

  7. B. Miller Says:

    AAAAAHH!! Like a little alien inside! Gah!

  8. So many different reactions to a little green pepper! I wonder if this ought to be one of those know-your-character exercises πŸ™‚

    *Is* a green pepper a vegetable? Or is a tomato one for that matter…? Hmm!

  9. kate m Says:

    To be a fruit they need to be ovaries of a seed-bearing plant, which makes both pepper and tomatoes fruit. But the definitions vary according from country to country, usually according to culinary custom (if it’s cooked with sweet stuff it’s usually considered a fruit; whereas if its savoury, it’s a vegetable).

    I’ve not had problems with pepper babies, but I’ve had plenty of oranges like this:

    These are very odd – they tend to have separate miniature segments.

  10. Wow. I had no idea HR Giger had designed citrus fruit.

  11. That’s funny! I slice it up and use the little one too. That’s what seeds are supposed to do, right? I hate it more when I open one up and it’s rotted inside.

  12. Uggh – I’ve had those more than once before. My supermarket has a very idiosyncratic interpretation of ‘fresh’…

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