Hole in the wall 5

2 April 2010

Ever since they discovered the unexploded bomb, they’ve been getting a lot more work done at that construction site. I don’t think the two things can be related. But I’m just saying.

The hole in the wall isn’t a hole any more. The concrete outlines of three shopfronts are poking up around the corrugated fence. I expect two or three storeys of one-bedroom flats will go to top it off: overpriced, thin-walled, with juliet balconies. Everything down by the docks is built like that.

We still don’t know what will be behind the shopfronts, which is what will make the difference. Not another estate agent, please, or another bank. Ideally, a shop where people actually sell things.


4 Responses to “Hole in the wall 5”

  1. Karen Gowen Says:

    “a shop where people actually sell things”– where I live it’s all banks and credit unions. My goodness, how many banks does one neighborhood need? What’s going on with all this bank construction anyway? Do they really make that much money by putting 6 branches of the same bank within five miles of each other?

  2. Old Kitty Says:

    Oh you know there was a huge tree-cutting thing going on by my beloved Waitrose here. There’s a united reform church next door to Waitrose and the church’s yard used to be tree-lined. I’d walk past there every day towards the station and always see squirrels and hear birdsong.

    Anyway down came the trees.

    For a car park. 😦

    Anyway! I do hope whatever they’re building is going to be proper shops that do sell useful things!

    Good luck!

    take care

  3. AlexJ Says:

    Here’s hoping they sell cool things!

  4. Presumably having that many banks around is an indicator of the population density… and you never get just *one* bank anywhere. (Finance must be one of the only industries that still does the medieval-old-town thing and clusters up and down a certain street…)

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