6 April 2010

My short story ‘Silence’ will be appearing in a forthcoming issue of The Future Fire.

As the world prepares to meet a nameless threat and the people of Britain make for home, a judge caught up in a hearing in an English market town must choose between her love for her wife and her duty to the law.

This is the first of my stories from an extremely productive winter to be published. Bad weather is good for something after all!


11 Responses to “Sale”

  1. B. Miller Says:

    AWESOME!! *internet high five* Great job! I’m excited for you!!

  2. AlexJ Says:

    That’s great!

  3. kate m Says:

    Hey, well done! Hurrah for rubbish weather

  4. Thanks everyone! I’m even more curious to see how the others do now, since I went at this one quite a different way from the rest of them…

  5. Old Kitty Says:


    I’ve bookmarked the mag, I’m scrolling through the names…. but you did say forthcoming so that means later issues, but I’m so so excited that I just want to read your story now, now, now!!

    Where are you?!?! LOL!!!

    Oh this is BRILLIANT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done!! But please no more cold wet and cold weather. Spring now please.


    *clapping, clapping, clapping*

    Take care

  6. Patience patience – it’ll still be a while yet! I’ll pop a proper link up when there is one 🙂

  7. Old Kitty Says:

    p.s. the current issue: they quoted Chekov in Russian!



  8. Old Kitty Says:

    pp.s Hoooray!!! ok, I’ll go now, sorry, am clogging up your comments section with me being all excited!!


  9. I just heard about this on Old Kitty post. I’m excited for you too. Congratulations!

  10. That’s great, congratulations!

  11. Ann Says:

    congratulations, will be on the lookout.

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