Hi-vis 2

11 April 2010

Kate Griffin has been using her blog to run a magical lexicon accompanying her Matthew Swift novels (urban fantasy in a London with the grotty bits left in):

Needless to say, some members of the urban magic community have come to realise the power of the yellow fluorescent jacket as a tool of magic.  It is the next best thing to an invisibility cloak, since while people will very much see anyone wearing it, they will often fail to perceive anyone wearing it, and thus it serves just as well when times are hard.

I’m yet to be convinced it isn’t true…


3 Responses to “Hi-vis 2”

  1. Old Kitty Says:

    I’m quite partial to the orange ones myself..! They make trains disappear…!

    p.s. lucky I’m not a fire warden where I work – these hapless souls have to wear Green flourescent bibs like we used to do for netball at school.


    Take care

  2. Our fire wardens wear orange! Though green would be more reassuring… 🙂

  3. SF Says:

    It’s so true! People see the uniform, not the person.

    I was a fire warden once, didn’t have a bib, just a lovely green hardhat.

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