19 April 2010

Oh dear. I really do have that many tins in the cupboard. Soup tins and spaghetti tins and bits-of-plastic-in-a-metal-sauce tins, but mostly, soup tins. I’ve only been in this flat a year ot two, or there would be yet more.

Tomato and minestrone and tomato-with-a-bit-of-basil-in-it and I’m not exactly going to run out of vitamin C, am I, if there’s suddenly a crisis in the British supply chain, although I’ll never be able to use that saucepan for boiling milk again.

At least it’s not just me. My parents’ larder has tins amalgamated from three different households. Sometimes when I visit them I open the larder and stare into it as if something inanimate will speak up and tell me what to have for lunch. (I’d really rather that it didn’t.) Who on earth bought that flavour of soup? There’s a good chance she isn’t even on earth any more.


6 Responses to “Tins”

  1. B. Miller Says:

    Hahahaha! This post made me smile. I accumulate cans of stuff as well. Once every few months I try to clean out the cabinets but that doesn’t always work very well.

  2. Once every few months would seem pretty disciplined from where I’m standing 🙂

  3. Old Kitty Says:


    Well I admit to having tins and tins of tomatoes. I think I have this fear of running out of them and then what on earth will I have my pasta with?!?!

    Tins at my mum’s were always handy for Harvest Festival!


    Tins of soup is always very handy!

    Take care

  4. Ann Says:

    Better safe than sorry. That is my motto. I have enough tins in my pantry at the moment to keep us going for about three weeks if needs be. After all you just never know when a volcano might erupt.

  5. Bernita Says:

    I wonder if your usage (tins) and ours over here (cans) is responsible for the apparent redundancy of “tin cans.”
    Specials at the grocery store are responsible for my collection of canned soup.

  6. I might still call an empty one a tin can, oddly enough. But never a full one…

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