Monster mash

28 April 2010

Alma Alexander, the author of The Secrets of Jin-Shei, is fed up with all those classic monster/Regency novel mash-ups:

The latest I’ve seen advertised is “Jane Slayre”, Jane Eyre as vampire slayer I am guessing, Jane Eyre as Buffy. When they run out of the Bronte material, what next, Georgette Heyer?

Can’t help agreeing there. I struggled with self-absorbed Austen/Bronte characters through years of set texts and I felt as if contemporary novels about privileged people in big white houses who never went outside were bad enough.

Putting a pointy stick in their hands would probably not help to make them much more bearable.


9 Responses to “Monster mash”

  1. B. Miller Says:

    This really made me LOL… I totally agree. Great post, Alex!

  2. It just seems like the definition of me-too. They can’t really all have come up with the same idea on their own, can they? (Or had all the authors just been to the same Halloween party…?)

  3. Old Kitty Says:

    Awwww I can’t speak for Austen but Bronte… I love all these pallid women in love with their boss who happened to have locked up their ex-wives in attics haunted by ghosts of previous lovers calling from across the moors!

    But I thoroughly agree – give em a stake, a crufix and some holy water and a crash course in self defence then it loses all meaning!


    Take care

  4. AlexJ Says:

    Maybe they did all go to the same Halloween party!

  5. Talli Roland Says:

    I had to say I’m not a massive Bronte fan either. I wouldn’t mind seeing them deal with pointy sticks, though!

  6. Fence Says:

    I agree too. Well, as regards the monster-mash-up aspect. I quite enjoyed the Bronte/Austin books. And I love Heyer’s stuff.

  7. It could be interesting once. Maybe more as a movie scenario with bonnets flying around all over the place, etc. (Actually, it’s the sort of thing that would very conceivably happen in a Stephen Moffat episode of Doctor Who. He’s already done clockwork robots at Louis XIV’s Versailles.)

    An entire series of them, though? Probably not so much…

  8. kate m Says:

    There is a zombie movie version of Jane Eyre – it’s called I Walked with a Zombie and was made in 1943. I’ve not seen it.

    These new series interest me as market-led products, even though they don’t appeal to me as reading material at all. There’s some points of comparison with the kind of marketing strategies that reissue Wuthering Heights in a Twilight cover. I’d be amazed if the Zombies in Pride and Prejudice idea didn’t arise from a bit of market research, with the writer being assigned after the thought.

    I like the Brontes, I like Jane Austen, and I love horror, so I’m kind of curious about what market these particular mash-ups are appealing to when I find them so uncompelling.

  9. SF Says:

    Surely this particular bandwagon has nearly left town? I wonder if there is now a whole fanbase dedicated to Regency monster-mashes.

    Personally, I can’t imagine reading P&P and Zombies then waiting with bated breath for the next installment of the genre.

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