1 May 2010

Work is starting to bear down a little, so I’ve begun scheduling posts a week or two ahead.I should probably point out: I don’t always remember when I’ve set them to publish. I don’t always remember what they were about. Any allusions to anything suddenly wonderful or dreadful or, y’know, a giant volcano going off all over the place or something like that, are probably a happy, or unhappy, mistake.

(I’ve foreshadowed one disaster accidentally this year. That’s enough.)

Fishing comments out of the moderation queue may take me a bit longer, too. I’ll still be pushing the buttons in due course.


One Response to “Housekeeping”

  1. Old Kitty Says:


    You got me all curious now… what psychic vision did you have then??

    Oh now I’ll have to wait in the queue. But that’s ok it’s one of my favourite word! Queue.


    I hope work would have eased off a little by the time you read this. Don’t overdo it now!

    Take care

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