6 May 2010

Day gives evening a proper hand-off in Southampton, in the quadrant between the new-builds and the hospital. The last workers and a few students are going home; most of the students, and some different workers, going out. Responsibility passes its time-sheet to abandon. Abandon shrugs, says, ‘Ah, what are you going to do?’ to no-one in particular, and leaves it on the back seat of the taxi.

It’s my turn not to leave work until the change of shifts outside (damn proofs; damn index; damn, damn, damn distracting call from a jobsworth at my bank). As I cross the road, a pick-up truck looms up, with spotlights hanging from its roof-rack. A girl dressed for clubbing leans out of the window and shouts, ‘Wooh!’

The pick-up truck is longer than it should be. It’s a pick-up truck front, extruded into a limousine. Is that actually a Hummer? Bloody hell.

That’s one more thing I’m never going to do, I think to myself, start a night out in a big pick-up limo. There’s a Marianne Faithfull song about a housewife who throws herself off a rooftop because she’s never driven through Paris in a white sports car. I cried when I first heard it because I thought it was about Diana. (I was already a student. I blame changing my Pill.) Of course, I’m not a housewife, and I’m not planning to throw myself off anything.

In fact, I won’t be that unhappy if I never have to ride around in one of those.


7 Responses to “Limo”

  1. AlexJ Says:

    They are rather big and obnoxious. Still, I heard the Hummer limos come with a video game system…

  2. kate m Says:

    They are popular for hen nights round here, usually in a shade of magenta pink.

  3. Old Kitty Says:

    Oh the ex had a narrowboat and the guy living next to said narrowboat drove one of these pink monstrosities for a living.

    The true stories he used to regale us with… and he says the worst parts are turning a corner and finding a parking space.


    Take care

  4. SF Says:

    Life, like most parking spaces, is too short for stretch hummers.

    Although driving a pink one for a living does sound kind of cool…

  5. They aren’t a little ostentatious though, aren’t they!

  6. Ann Says:

    Hummers should be restricted to the desert!

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