16 May 2010

Leaving aside the questions of:

Did anybody need to remake The Poseidon Adventure in the first place?

If every generation has its big sinking boat movie, when did my generation stop being the newest one? (Anyone my age who went to multiple showings of Titanic: you know who you are.)

When will I learn not even to start watching films where everything happens in the dark?

…did they really have to keep the close-up shot that showed the liner had been registered in Southampton? We try to keep up a sense of civic pride, y’know, in a world of mass unemployment and de-industrialisation. It might go a little way towards helping if once, just once, our city appeared on screen in a context that didn’t have to do with hundreds of people drowning in the sea.


2 Responses to “Poseidon”

  1. Old Kitty Says:

    Well at least you had Kate Winslet and Leonardo di Caprio expiring heroically off the coast too.


    Take care

  2. AlexJ Says:

    Sorry! Least Titanic was good. The real Poseidon remake a couple years ago stunk on toast.

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