Made for cable

18 May 2010

A weekend afternoon, waiting for a colleague to call who isn’t going to, and therefore not exactly not at work, watching a made-for-cable movie on a foreign channel that has subtitled it into Hungarian. The internet is out so I can’t find out what I’m looking at even if I wanted to.

I’m sure I’m not reacting the way that the creators intended. That’s the same actress who was in Dollhouse, isn’t it? Going by the protagonists’ fashion sense and the range of tasks possible and not possible to carry out online, can I date the making of the film to within a year? And why is an editor at a New York publishing house, setting out to track down an unknown romance novelist, using my mother’s thirty-year-old sugar jars?


2 Responses to “Made for cable”

  1. Old Kitty Says:

    The film sounds ever so good!

    This will teach me to stick to freeview channels and ignore daily harassment from Virgin people to go their way and subscribe to these mad channels! Now I want to!


    take care and I hope your colleague got in touch eventually!


    • I went on IMDB this afternoon to try and find out what it was and apparently it a) got nothing but dreadful reviews although b) sounds as if it was mucked about with no end by people who weren’t the director and c) might have had the producer’s girlfriend in it….

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