20 May 2010

It’s that soul-sapping energy-eating spirit-quenching windcheater-cheating sort of rain. The kind that when you go inside, through the first open door where they serve coffee, which naturally is at least fifteen minutes away from your location when the rain first came down, makes you discover all the inlets in your wet-weather clothing you never knew were there.

‘Would you like to borrow an umbrella?’, says the kind man in the coffee shop. I try to make him understand that, actually, I wouldn’t, because while it’ll get me home in a slightly drier state, I’ll then need another trip out into the rain just so that I can take him his umbrella back. Not to mention that I’m bound to break umbrellas. Even if I do venture out to bring it back, the frame will be twisted or the spokes hanging off. Those umbrellas you see jammed into litter bins every time a storm comes off the Channel? Yes, those are the micro-light umbrella I bought from Boots and the tiny one that even fits the handbag the size of a hard drive I take on evenings out and the tall one the size of a walking stick I once took from a relative’s umbrella stand. Except they’re not, because I got tired of buying what were essentially disposable umbrellas, and I invested in a ski-slope-worthy winter coat, where even the Velcro fasteners have Velcro fasteners.

The ski-slope coat is currently a couple of hundred miles away from me, because, of course, it never rains there like that this time of year.


5 Responses to “Wet”

  1. KarenG Says:

    Hope you dry off soon! Meanwhile here in Utah, our green grass is quickly turning brown in the hot, dry winds. Gotta get the sprinkler system repaired and turned on this weekend.

  2. Old Kitty Says:

    A few years back, I too thought – no more brollies, I hate them. So off I got to buy what I thought was a super duper waterproof from millets. It had removable fleece and lots of velcro too. I still have it – it’s absolutely lovely but I’ve reverted to getting super duper no wind will upturn brollies about a foot long only because the darned hood from my waterproofs don’t go over my glasses. So come rain, I can’t see. I wish glasses wipers would soon be fashionable and chic!

    Take care

    • My one has an extra long (extra wide? extra deep?) hood. Might have been designed to go over a flat cap or sunglasses or something else snowboard-y that I’ve never worn it with…

  3. kate m Says:

    Not an umbrella fan. If it’s windy there’s next to no point taking one out – even if they don’t break they seem to be inside out half the time.

    I’ve just received a parasol for my birthday and that turned out to be far more effective than I was expecting! Even though I’m sure people who saw me with it today just thought I was some odd lady with an umbrella up in fine weather…

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