Hole in the wall 6

27 May 2010

Finally, we find out what’s going into the shop-front they knocked down three post-war concrete retail units to build, all through winter and spring.

A doctor’s surgery? A pancake maker’s? A place where somebody actually repairs things, instead of telling you to throw them away so that you can buy new ones and keep the outsourced factories and container ports in work?

Of course not. It’s a Tesco mini-mart, just like the Co-Operative mini-mart on the other side of the street and the Sainsbury’s mini-mart and the other Co-Operative mini-mart the next street along. (That’s quite odd, though, about the Co-Op. In every other town, the residents complain about it being Tesco occupying twice as much retail space as any other store. Not here.)

Still, that was briefly exciting, I suppose.


8 Responses to “Hole in the wall 6”

  1. Old Kitty Says:

    Oh no! We had a Tesco mini-mart open here on the site of what used to be a very local carpet/flooring retailer. I’d have opted for a Co-Op one at a push.

    Good grief. Are Tesco really taking over the world?

    How depressing!
    Take care

  2. So much so that they’ve supposedly been known to buy up waste ground in the suburbs to stop other supermarkets building competitor stores there!

    In London Tesco bought up several small convenience store chains so that it could put its mini-marts all over the place… the only saving grace was that, unless I’m very much mistaken, one of the chains was called Cullens and so had therefore disappeared off the market long before Twilight fans could misbehave inside it 🙂

  3. kate m Says:

    Round us it’s not really the sort of territory supermarkets fight over (we have a lot of fabric shops and Indian restaurants mainly, and the only supermarket is Lidl).

    But ten minutes away Tesco are pretty aggressive. And causing congestion problems in the process.

  4. I wonder why all the fabric shops? I don’t think there’s a single one of those within miles of here!

  5. kate m Says:

    Most of them are South Asian family-run businesses, so I would guess it’s just due to patterns of settlement. They seem to be thriving.

  6. I think mini marts were invented here. Like many of our other exports, I’m sorry.

  7. AlexJ Says:

    Yeah, you can blame the USA for mini-marts. Of course, ours are gas stations with expensive convenience stores. And many smell like fried chicken. Ugh.

    • Some streets around here do fried chicken outlets like this one does mini-marts. The shops are nearly all named [Southern US state that isn’t Kentucky] Fried Chicken’ too…

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