30 May 2010

Found while retrieving a shopping list from the notes in the organiser section on my mobile phone:

‘Someone needs to call T out on her relationship with Mik and say it’s time to let him go. Debbie?’

Work, and the ongoing task of optimising a text for someone else’s translation when any personal engagement I had with it dissipated months ago (yet that’s the one that’s going to have my real name on it…), has been taking its toll on my short-term memory for other things all month, but this is a step up. I have no flaming idea who any of these people are. I do know, like every woman in the southern suburbs, my fair share of Debbies, but couldn’t say I was on sufficiently intimate terms with any of them to ask them to become an emotional go-between between myself and T and Mik. When did Mik ever become so toxic? And at what stage of work-induced tiredness did I even meet a man and woman who had nicknames like those?

Why don’t I have the strength of character to deal with this myself instead of implicating Debbie?

‘Mik’ gives a clue. At some stage this week, I must have briefly turned my mind to a short story that has never worked since January but still compels me to explore its setting. I’m still not sure I’ve found the right characters to do it with. But two of them do have names that could be shortened down to T and Mik. And T, although not Mik, does know a Debbie.

At some stage this week, I must have come close enough to believing in these characters as real people. And lost that sense immediately before I could go back and edit the story the right way.


8 Responses to “Distraction”

  1. Talli Roland Says:

    Don’t you just love random notes? I always find loads of post-its and scribbles all over the place. Sometimes it makes sense, but more often not!

  2. This is why historians love ephemera. (Or maybe not so much when they have to puzzle out the shorthand…)

  3. Old Kitty Says:

    Oh wow!!!
    Your creations are speaking to you!! You must answer and give them a clue! They need you!!! Or you could just ignore them and see how the drama unfolds…

    Take care

  4. kate m Says:

    A few years ago I received a text message in the middle of the night that said “Wahey babes I’m on the Isle of Wight.” It took me several days to work out it came from a man I met once, who believed that Tolkien based LotR on the experiences of real-life hobbits.

    He wasn’t a character in a story, but he sounds like he really should be.

    Somewhat more poignantly, I found part of a torn up letter in the street yesterday. It said:

    happiness six years ago…


  5. There is a whole blog of found notes which (as always with these things) I’ve completely forgotten the name of. And I’m not just going to give in and google ‘found notes blog’. Not yet….

  6. AlexJ Says:

    Reality and writing intruding on each other?

  7. SF Says:

    That’s fascinating. What I want to know is, did you go back to the story, and was Debbie up to it?

  8. I simply haven’t had time to go back to it get. Agh. Although I have it in mind for a call which closes in a couple of months, so I need to start pulling it together…

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