4 June 2010

No – there have been three found objects inducing forgetfulness this week. I found a pot of olives in the bottom of a rucksack I sometimes take with me to the shops.

(Monday evening, boiling a pan of pasta: Did I buy those olives I was standing looking at? Except I couldn’t find them in the fridge. Then why was I blocking up the aisle for five minutes, trying to determine what St Clement had to do with olives? I served the pasta without them in the end. I bet I paid for them and didn’t take them home.)

Sometimes I walk around holding household objects and put them down as soon as I start thinking about something else. Last weekend, when I was trying to engage with the in-need-of-translation thing, I left a pack of cotton wool pads on my bedside table and, apparently, a box of coloured pencils in the bathroom.

I need to do the housework with a satchel on.


9 Responses to “Olives”

  1. KarenG Says:

    I have done this! I KNOW I bought two jars of salsa last week and they are nowhere to be found!

  2. Old Kitty Says:

    At least it wasn’t anything perishable! 🙂 And cotton wool on the bedside table is always handy. As are coloured pencils in the bathroom. Ahem. I’m trying to think laterally!! LOL!

    Take care

  3. I think I walk around putting the shopping away, start thinking about other things that need doing that need hands, go to do them and then forget what I was doing….

  4. AlexJ Says:

    Must’ve been odd explaining the pencils…

  5. I had to explain something like that just yesterday. Hubby wanted to know why my iPod Touch was on the back of the toilet. NO! I was NOT Twittering on the john! I just set it down when I went to wash my hands and, like you, forgot about it as soon as it left my hands.

  6. Talli Roland Says:

    I am the worst with this kind of thing! I’m always buying things I don’t need, forgetting things I do, and when I clean… watch out! I move objects to random locations, and when I go to put them back I have no idea where they are…

  7. Ann Says:

    Ahhh, but you found them in the end. Well done!

  8. The only category that really matters in this household is Things That Need To Go In The Fridge vs. Things That Don’t Need To Go In The Fridge (and the corollary, Things That Need To Go But Are Not In The Fridge).

    I did work out what St Clement’s olives are, though. They’re olives dressed in orange/lemon zest that ruins a pasta sauce.

  9. Oh dear. You are preoccupied!

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