7 June 2010

Lexi Revellian has been being spooked by doppelgangers on her blog. (Or, more accurately, outside her window. Reeling that floating preposition clause back in now.)

Doubles are bloody spooky things. I probably ought to feed some of that fear constructively into fiction, but I’m not sure I want to dig around in that part of my brain that much.

I’m not very comfortable with digging around in brains full stop, in fact. It takes dexterity, and hooks.

I see more than my fair share of doubles on the street. Perhaps I wouldn’t if I had 20/20 vision. Usually, they’re people I argued with at school, who looked so archetypal they could now be anyone.

A friend of mine, every few months, sees doubles of me working in various customer-facing occupations. Once, my double was employed at a direct competitor of my employer’s on the other side of London. That one could have been not spooky but embarrassing.

What are your favourite stories of doubles? I need something to frighten me if it’s going to turn cold out again…


5 Responses to “Double”

  1. Old Kitty Says:

    Oh no!! I’ve not got a spooky doppleganger story to tell you (althought the Hans C Anderson story at Lexi’s blog was pretty spooky!!!).


    All I have is a name that is so so so so so so common that if I google it, I have millions of doppleganger NAMES! And none of them look like me!

    Eeeek, I’m scaring myself!!

    and NO- it is the SUMMER! The sun will shine, it will, it will!

    Take care

  2. I wonder whether parents who grew up being able to google everyone will deliberately give their kids more distinctive names than the generation before them did… I suppose that’s one advantage of getting double-barrelled, too!

  3. Bernita Says:

    Dopplegangers rather disturb our sense of uniqueness that lurks in our lizard brains, do they not?

  4. I’ve never met anyone who looked like me, but people so often tell me I look like someone they went to school with. Strange, that!

  5. Yes, you’d expect it to even out eventually!

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