17 June 2010

I’m going to have to give up on another house plant. Maybe I should have done it weeks ago and taken it outside in the dark without my neighbours saying: ‘What do you do to those?’

When they head off for beach holidays somewhere sunnier on the South Coast or family reunions in Poland, I don’t anticipate being asked to come in and water theirs. I even own a sickly cactus. Yes, a cactus.

I keep being promised ferns and spider plants from other people’s houses, but keep forgetting to go round with a bag large enough to take them home. It’s probably for the ferns’ own good.

The only plant I can’t harm is called a dracaena. That really does mean ‘dragon plant’, as consolation. It’s third in a list of ‘Houseplants You Can’t Kill‘, along with the Christmas cactus and the spider plant. Some other plants in the genus Dracaena produce a red resin that really is called dragon’s blood. I’ve ended up with three of different kinds. One is the only survivor of a house plant generation when I went on holiday for Easter and forgot about them.

Once, I helped raise a cat from kittenhood. When did I stop being able to care for something that doesn’t even move?

At least it’s an excuse for me to decorate the house with dragon plants.


8 Responses to “Plants”

  1. I hear you! I’ve kept two children and cat alive (so far), but cannot keep plants alive. I kill even the heartiest ones. If it weren’t for my husband taking over, we’d have no plants at all. This is good because I like plants.
    My husband says it has something to do with water frequency but no matter how I did it, they died.

  2. Sometimes it’s just the heat, humidity and light around your home…
    For instance I like to be able to put plants in awkward corners to brighten them up a bit. The dracs don’t care but nothing else will thrive when I do that…

  3. Old Kitty Says:

    Yay you have dragon plants!! They’re great and do not mind the dark and the humidity and whatever else you throw at them. I hope you give them a cuddle every so often though – even dragons need lurve!


    Take care

  4. Bernita Says:

    That’s why my houseplants are spider plants and Xmas cactus and dracenas. I forget. The only exception is an oxalis, one of those messy, heritage thingies, an offspring of one belonging to my great-great grandmother.

  5. It’s beginning to look as if there’s an (inverse) correlation between writers and plant care, isn’t it?

  6. haha! How do you DO that to cacti? LOL you must seriously neglect them. Do you have cats? Maybe they’re pissing on them – cats piss kills everything! :o)

  7. With the cactus I think it must be the light (or lack of). They’re *meant* to be able to cope without water for days on end. Aren’t they? Or is that just in Saturday morning cartoons?

  8. Yeah! They survive in the desert! It must be the light … You live in a basement? ;o) hehehe

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