2 July 2010

Even for someone with more spatial awareness than I have, my workplace’s location would be best described as ‘the back of bloody beyond’ (with, of course, all due respect). If you miss the bus – no thanks to the print shop man who’s commandeered the street outside his shop front for huge posterboards that obscure the single-deckers coming – there’s no margin for error. Run out of sticky tape before an authorised person can procure you some more through the approved channel, and it’s going to be the best part of an hour’s round trip.

Somebody has wheeled a supermarket trolley on to a grass verge by the road. This isn’t (you would think) a favourite area for drunken louts. I can’t imagine anyone was wheeling their shopping home with it until an acquaintance drove past and offered them a lift. That supermarket doesn’t even have a branch anywhere near here.

So what did they think that they were doing with it?


5 Responses to “Trolley”

  1. Ann Says:

    A run away trolley!

  2. AlexJ Says:

    They were lost?

  3. Old Kitty Says:

    I remember yonks ago when me and two colleagues were volunteered by management to do the shopping for our yearly x-mas work do.

    Unfortunately we bought more than we could carry and one of us thought we’d use the trolley to wheel the stuff to work. Of course we did so without anyone seeing and we promised ourselves we’d return it.

    As we got nearer to work, the heavens opened and rain came pouring out from the skies. Grabbing our shopping bags we stood looking at this empty trolley.

    “Ditch it” says one. “Eh?” says I. “Ditch it quick!” says the other pushing it to one side. Before I could say a second “Eh?” the other two were walking away very very fast!

    To this day I wonder if it’s still were we left it.

    That is my story and I am sticking to it!

    Take care

  4. This wasn’t near one of the railway lines into Fratton station by any chance? There’s masses of them chucked over the side there! 🙂

  5. “The back of the bloody beyond” does not paint a pretty picture!

    I’ve had an abandoned cart or two in front of my house. It’s a far walk from the supermarket.

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