30 November 2010

I’ve just heard that my flash fiction crime story ‘The Meaning of Hard Work’ is going to be published at Every Day Fiction. (One of the readers calls it ‘light years beyond politics’ and another enjoys its ‘nice level of dark suspense’.) I’ll update with a publication date once I have one…


5 Responses to “Acceptance”

  1. Kate M Says:

    Well done 🙂

  2. Congratulations! And good to hear from you.

  3. KarenG Says:

    Congrats! (I don’t think you have posted forever, or else I’ve missed it.)

  4. Old Kitty Says:


    YES PLEASE!! Please please tell us when it’s published??? I wanna read!!!!!!!!!!

    Or I can just bookmark the site couldn’t I and just keep checking?!?!? I can be so silly sometimes!! Oh but it’s nice when you pop up and tell us!!! 🙂

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Yay!!!!

    Take care

  5. Thanks, everyone! (And sorry the pace of posting here has dropped off so dramatically in the last few months. I have more to do at work and I’ve also got involved with a comunity group, which doesn’t leave me time to both write and blog with any degree of regularity… Thank you all for coming back when there are new posts 🙂 )

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